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Facebook Conversion Tracking

Facebook Marketing Essentials: Facebook Conversion Tracking

After reading How To Track Your Facebook Ad Conversions on Social Media Examiner. Facebook conversion tracking will really help users optimise their Facebook campaigns as you can see what is/what is not working well. This will save budget and maximise sales from your Facebook Pay per Click Campaigns as you can remove the poor performing campaign audiences or ads.

Remember, this is for tracking conversions when you direct users from your ads to your own website, rather than when you’re trying to increase fans of your Facebook page (also see Facebook Page Management).

Facebook Conversion

How To Set Up Facebook Conversion Tracking

  • Log-in to your Facebook account and open the Facebook Power editor
  • In the menu on the top left, click “conversion tracking”
  • Choose what type of conversion you want to track, i.e. lead, purchase, enquiry etc.
  • You will then get a Facebook conversion tracking pixel which needs to be put in-between the “Head” tags on the thank you/confirmation page on your site – this is usually the sale confirmation page or the “thank you” page after someone submitted an enquiry or made a booking, for example.
  • You will then be able to track conversions where someone has clicked an ad on Facebook, then converted on the page your targeting (very similar to Google Adwords Conversion Tracking)

My View on Facebook Conversion Tracking

Facebook conversion tracking is essential – it’s much easier to see what is working well in the campaigns as you are measuring concrete conversions instead of just looking at social actions. I think it will work well but it still seems like a work in progress at the moment. Seeing as it is a new feature which Facebook have made available hopefully in a few months there will be more you can do to optimise how the conversions are tracked.

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