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Expectations (or Treading a Fine Line)

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Managing Expectations

Managing expectations correctly can be a full-time job and you can often find yourself treading a fine line. Seth Godin recently posted on his blog that:

most of the time, you’re challenged with this: high expectations that must be beat.

Over Promised and Under Delivered

Over the years, I’ve worked with people that habitually over promised and under delivered. It’s a tough place to be and usually only ends in disappointment, mistrust, and a short business relationship. I’ve often associated it with the dreadful reputation that sales people get, one I’ve always challenged whenever I hear it.

Be Honest

Be honest. There’s no way back from dishonesty, and certainly no way forward for a client to recommend you to others. Are you really managing expectations or treading a fine line between selling and dishonesty?Speak with a SpecialistGet a Free SEO Audit