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Demographic and Interest Category Reporting in Google Analytics

The Demographic and Interest Category reporting in Google Analytics allows a user to assess the age, sex and interests of the visitors to your site.

A small amendment may be necessary to enable this, depending upon your current Analytics set up. Follow this link for instructions.

Once this has been done, click on the demographic or interest reports under Audience and enable this type of reporting.

You will only be able to view this data from this point onward.

Much as this data is interesting for assessing visitors to your website, it’s when you start to use segments in Analytics that it realises it’s true potential.

Add the segment for converters (or a particular conversion, if you wish) and remove the segment for All Traffic.

Now you are able to analyse the data for your core audience – the people that convert.

This data can now be used to set up a much more tightly targeted display campaign.

To use some of our own site data as an example, in the past month, all of our conversions have been by people aged between 25 and 44, 63% of our conversions have been performed by men, but women convert at a 10% higher rate and with regard to interests, 43% are interested in Hotels and 47% are interested in online video.

From this intel, I would suggest a display campaign targeting women, aged 25 to 44 with interests in hotels and online video (in addition to keyword targeting) should give us a much more effective display campaign, improving conversion rate and Brand reach.

There are a myriad of other ways to use this data to improve your website and marketing. To find out more or to ask me a question, comment below or tweet me @Tillison_Antony

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