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Communication, communication, communication using blog posts

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I recently read this post on the official Google blog. It clearly demonstrates Google’s leverage of a willing audience to upsell products. That, and blowing it’s own trumpet, of course.

Google has built a massive audience of its blog, many receiving posts using an RSS reader or just visiting the site regularly, I noticed that Outlook 2007 even includes an RSS reader now.

The real value in the blog posts is that regular communication that is as relevant to the audience as it can be. These are people that have already said “I’m interested, tell me more” and Google is leveraging that to communicate, to push that audience a little further, up selling its other tools.

Once you have a willing audience who value your product or service, up selling is the easiest way to make a lot more profit.

Official Google Blog: This blog’s M.O.
In short, we’re relying as always on the power of the Internet — in this case, the incredibly easy-to-use publishing platform known as the blog — to help interested folks understand how we work, and what we do. As new resources and media tools come into being, we want to make use of those too. One of these is the Google Channel on YouTube, where it’s a priority to post videos and presentations by Googlers, including our executives, as quickly as we can following public events.

Through all of these means and others — podcasting, video blogs, forums — we plan to continue being as direct as possible with you concerning our news and views. So thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

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