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On Wednesday 24th July I stumbled across this article on Search Engine Journal, exploring the idea of  ‘Can Google Authorship Offer Protection Against Future Google Updates?

After doing some research into the idea I find that hard to believe. However, there might be some element of truth there because it’s Google’s Authorship. I feel that you might be protected from certain updates as it’s Google’s tool but the main updates are still going to penalise everyone. That being said I do believe that you can gain some positive ranking updates from having Google authorship set up.

The jury is still out on this one.


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  • Clare Mulderrig

    Well – I’ve signed up
    Can’t do any harm – I hope……

    • Mark Tillison

      I’m sure it won’t do any harm, Clare. Far from it if you’re getting stuck in and making social connections with businesses and individuals around you.

      In its own right, Authorship won’t produce miracles. It’s no overnight success, but as Adam says, it certainly should be part of the make up of your social media presence and activities.