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Branding Yourself on Google+

So you’ve followed our How to Set up Your Google plus Personal Profile and now it’s time to start branding yourself on Google+.

One of the most important parts of any marketer’s job is to create a strong brand identity. Google+ is a great social media platform on which to brand your business, especially as everything you post publicly is indexed. Google+ actively has its own search bots checking through each post meaning that your content can be found much more quickly than content posted to Twitter or Facebook. This also helps you to build your online authority as an author on Google.

One of the main reasons why you want to brand yourself on Google+ is to influence the way people view you/ your company. You want to ensure that the view they have is an accurate and positive one.

So what do you need to think about when branding your business on Google+?

Apart from building relationships with Google and other users there are a few basic things you can do to your account to promote your brand identity; they include doing the following:

Visuals Still Mean A Lot

The profile picture is still an important part of your brand identity, especially more now than ever as we’re all mainly interested on the visual side of social media.  If you’re wanting to spread your brand awareness then using a high-quality logo of your company would work ok and it would help for brand awareness but in fact a headshot can work in your favour as many people would prefer to engage with someone with a face.

Cover Photo

The photo cover is even more space for visuals. It’s the perfect place for branding on both personal and company pages.

Make It About You

Use the tagline and introduction sections to write a bit about your business. Don’t ramble on about specific things that your company does, just note down what it is that you do in a short paragraph, remembering to keep it personal but informative. Always remember to include links to your website, blog and other social media accounts.

Content Is Key

There is no better way for people to get to know you and your brand than through the content you decide to share. When sharing relevant content remember to be mindful of the tone you use and the audience you’re sharing it too. You don’t have to share things that are 100% relevant to your business but still consider your followers and what type of things they would expect you to share and are interested in.

Don’t Be Camera Shy

Branding yourself on Google+ through the use of online video chatting is going to be a big move for many people this year. Hanging out with people on the internet is one of the best ways people can really get a feel for your personality as it’s the real you and there’s no hiding behind the computer screen pretending to be someone you’re not (well not technically speaking). Hangouts are also a great way to get people to verify your authenticity and your face will be much more recognisable for being an expert on your subject matter.

So how have you decided to brand yourself and/or your business on Google+?  What other ways can you brand yourself on Google+? Let us know by writing a comment below or tweeting me at @TeamTillison!

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