An Introduction To WordPress 5.7 ‘Esperanza’

On 9th March, the world was introduced to WordPress 5.7 ‘Esperanza’. Inspired by modern music mastermind Esperanza Spalding, the new version is the first of WordPress’s rumoured three releases in 2021.

The new update brings refreshing new bright colours and features while eliminating the complexities of having to code or hire a pro. WordPress states that features are ‘right where you need them’ allowing users to focus on content.

Drag and drop

Using the Gutenberg block editor with WordPress has just got easier! With its 5.7 version, you can drag and drop blocks onto your page. This makes the experience feel seamless and easier than ever.

WordPress version 5.7 Esperanza drop and drag feature
Image taken from Yoast

Full height blocks

Previous versions of the platform have limited users to a few blocks that fill the whole screen. WordPress 5.7 has introduced reusable and full height blocks that can create noticeable designs and layouts to stun your audience. 

WordPress version 5.7 Esperanza full height blocks feature
Image take from WordPress

Change the size of your social media button

WordPress 5.7 now allows you to edit the size and placement of your social media icons. This means the user has full control over how much exposure they want on the buttons. 

The new version of WordPress has given an overall improvement to these icons, making them easier to use and more stable. 

A simple and streamlined colour palette

WordPress 5.7 integrated the colours from its source code into seven core colours and 56 shades that compliment the WCAG 2.0 AA recommended contrast ratio against white or black.

WordPress version 5.7 Esperanza full colour palette
The full range of colour is available on Codepen

From HTTP to HTTPS in one click

A HTTPS connection is crucial nowadays as it secures your files, user information and other data. Users can now switch from HTTP to HTTPS at the click of a button and WordPress automatically updates URLs so there’s no more guessing how secure your site is.

New Robot API

This allows users to have more control over the robot’s meta tag on a page. The directive max-image-preview: large has become a default feature which means search engines can preview bigger images which WordPress has stated is a great way to ‘drive traffic to your site’.

Lazy-loading your iFrames

WordPress version 5.7 now allows users to lazy-load iFrames when height and width are both specified by default adding loading=”lazy” attribute to iframe tags. 

The final jump to jQuery 3.5.1

After what seems like a long process, version 5.7 brings the final steps to make JavaScript easier to use on your website. This jQuery is more focussed and ensures notifications are easy to understand.


Although Twenty-Twenty One remains to be the newest core theme, WordPress 5.7 ‘Esperanza’ brings an improved and user-friendly addition. Allowing users the freedom to create beautiful content without the daunting complexity and technicality of coding and time-consuming editing. We’re certainly excited to see what WordPress has to bring later this year!

How are you finding the latest WordPress update? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments or tweet us @TeamTillison. The team at Tillison Consulting are specialists in helping you optimise your WordPress page speed and web design. We’re here to help!

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