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Alan’s Apprentice Diary

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I really feel like I have settled in and found my place here at Tillison Consulting now. I have been very busy since my first week. There’s always something to do at Tillison, so there’s no sitting around and not being sure on a task. I had my first proper Assessor visit last week, which went very well. I have been given certain tasks that I have to complete during my time at Tillison, until Jane’s next visit. These tasks are designed around me, some of them being mandatory, and some of them being chosen. I am undertaking an Adobe Photoshop course with my Apprenticeship, so any artwork that I produce whilst I am working can be submitted as evidence. At Tillison Consulting, there are different specialists who work on different parts of each campaign. I’ve most been working with Vicki, who is our social media expert. I have really enjoyed working with her, as social media and its influences have always been something that interests me. I have been using my basic Photoshop skills to create new pieces of artwork and update old pieces. We create artwork for multiple reasons. Most of the images I have been creating are for Facebook Pay With A Post promotions. I have found this found this very fun and rewarding. It’s nice to know that something you have created has been viewed and acknowledged by thousands of people. Everyone in the office has been so supportive over the past week weeks. If I need any help with anything, all I have to do is ask and there is somebody there to help me. It’s great that I have come in to this company not knowing much about what they do, as when I learn new things, I learn Tillison’s way of doing them. I can imagine it would be very frustrating if they had somebody start who already knew the work but went about it a different way.

One of the main things I am enjoying about working at Tillison is getting to know the business side of things that I thought I already knew pretty well. Learning how sites such as Facebook and Google work is absolutely fascinating. You think it is fairly straightforward on how these sites are run, but it is actually very deep and interesting. A lot more work goes into them than you think!

A few weekends ago, we had our works Christmas party at the Hilton Hotel. It was a great way for me to get to know everybody outside of the office, and have an evening of work free fun. We had a lovely meal and the drinks were flowing nicely. It was great to see everyone get their moves out on the dance floor.

I got a boost of confidence this morning when Vicki showed me how to check the give away progress. As I logged on, it showed me that 11,536 people had entered the give away that I was designing the artwork for. The Facebook users are not entering because of my artwork, but it was still really nice to see that something I had help contribute to was getting so popular. The Facebook account in question is currently expecting its 150,000th Like this weekend which is great news for us and the company.

I am really looking forward to the new year here at Tillison Consulting. I believe it is going to be a very exciting year for the company. Joining this fast growing business when I did seemed to be a very beneficial thing to do. The company is growing vastly and I think that it is a very exciting time to be involved in it all.

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