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AdWords Remarketing: Why it’s now even easier to use

Google Adwords have made some highly beneficial amendments to their remarketing tool recently. Our Senior Strategist, Antony Potts has been investigating what these changes are and how they affect you. Below is a summary of what he has found:

“In the past Adwords remarketing tags needed to be added to every page of your website in order to be acknowledged. Google have now changed this so that the remarketing tag is included within the analytics tag.”

But what does this mean for you?

“This change means that you no longer have to trouble your web developer with the task of implementing this code on each page of your website. As long as you have analytics installed it shouldn’t be a problem.

To create a remarketing campaign now, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Analytics
  • Click Admin
  • Click Remarketing Lists
  • Follow the instructions

Once you arrive at this point, click Audiences in order to specify who you would like to target with what. You can choose to remarket to everyone, those who have gone through your goals or specifically by a URL. For example if you wanted to remarket to people who has visited the URL Tillison.co.uk/adwords you could set analytics to show all these people ads pertaining to Adwords.”

“You can create as many audiences as you’d like. All you have to do is work our who you would like to target and with what. If people have visited more than one page on your site you can choose to target them with one specific remarketing ad for one of the pages they have visited or ads for all the pages they have visited.

Benefits of the change:

  • It saves time.
  • No extra code is needed.
  • The change is immediate. All analytics tags now include remarketing.
  • Previously you would have needed an audience of more than 100 to qualify for remarketing tags. However, now that it is included in the analytics tags this doesn’t matter.

The only rule which you need to adhere to now that change has come into play is that your Google Adwords account must be linked to your Analytics. Simple.”

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