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Adwords De-Duplication

Google have recently disabled the Adwords De-Duplication feature in their conversion settings for view-through conversions; here is a brief summary if how it will affect you as a user.

What are View through conversions?

View through conversions are  where a user has seen your display image/text ad, not clicked on it, but then converted on your site later on.

What is AdWords De-Duplication?

AdWords De-Duplication is a feature where you could previously (unless you paused it) have display clicks and view through impressions attributed to the same conversion. Google have finally agreed however, this was stupid.

In effect if you clicked on a display ad when you had viewed it, Google were attributing a conversion to both the click on the ad and the view of the ad you had seen. This is obviously not worth doing as at times you will have duplicate data in the view through conversion tab.

How it affects you?

Change is a good thing. Now your view through conversion reporting will purely be people who have viewed the display ad and converted organically/direct and NOT clicked on a search ad. This is a much better scenario because there is now no duplicate conversion data shown in the campaign for view-through conversions.

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