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AdWords Campaign Optimizer: Useless or Useful?

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So, how useful is it?

Not least the whole Harry Potter thing, but we appear to be in a wizard-driven society, or at least much of the online experience is. That’s all well and good and many times, like this, it can work well. The Campaign Optimizer could be an effective AdWords management tool. But, what it doesn’t do, is give as much flexibility – it’s a quick win.

  1. It suggests additional keywords that you might want to consider, along with the bids, too. Be careful though, the keywords won’t necessarily match your ad copy. (Get the Free AdWords Success Guide for more on that).
  2. It analyses your current keywords and suggests increasing your bid price to increase the ad position. (Hey, I thought Google rewarded relevance, not paying more to be at the top!?). It won’t give you the opportunity to define your increased bid, just to select the suggestion, or not, which is a little tedious. Interestingly, it suggested that an increase on a bid on one obscure keyword, although the search term had never been matched and the ad never displayed.
  3. It suggests changes to your ad copy and displayed URL. Quite a useful exercise, actually, but I’d recommend cycling the ads for a short while to see what difference the changes make.

In all, it might well throw up some useful tips, but it’s not going to set your campaign alight. Remember that your business is about people, not about the technology which won’t know your customer as well as you do.

Original Story: Inside AdWords: Campaign Optimizer now available

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