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AdWords Ads Don’t Appear in Other Countries

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Google has this clever way of presenting results that are most relevant to the searcher. I completely agree with this policy – a searcher wants to find the most relevant results. This helps you to build campaigns that acquire clients for the lowest cost.

However, there’s a downside: what if you’re searching for a product or service in another country? Google’s technology presents the searcher with paid ads that are listed in their own country.

The two images are results from the same search, ‘dog care florida’. The first image is the results I get here in the UK, the second are the results users would see in the US.

So, if you’re an international business, perhaps a web store that sells all over the world, how do you check you competitors? How can you research your keywords and see what results they produce?

There is a solution. Hopefully, you’re using Firefox as your browser? If not, there are other, similar tools available for IE. Download the SwitchProxy extension for Firefox that allows you to switch between proxy servers at will. Identify a free proxy server somewhere else in the world at XRoxy.com and get googling to establish who is advertising on your keywords.

In case you need it – Wikipedia has a definition of a proxy server.

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