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An AdWords Lesson from F1

Being successful in your own business isn’t too far away from crossing the line first in a Formula 1 Grand Prix, or even winning the World Championship, for that matter.¬†An AdWords Lesson from F1

As poor Felipe Massa proved at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend, having the pace to overtake and lead the race almost all the way to the chequered flag just isn’t enough – you have to have all parts of your game on song to beat the competition; the right driver, so many small performance parts that all have to work in unison, the right strategy for each track. But most of all, you need the right team, all working together to achieve a common objective.

Winning business online is a very similar proposition. You might have the best web site in the world that converts 35% of your visitors to hard cash. But, with the wrong visitors, or too few of them, that’s just not going to get you over the finishing line.

There are multiple parts to your strategy that all need to work in synergy to squeeze every last drop of performance from your race car;

  • the right strategy
  • quality visitors landing on your site that are looking for exactly what you’re selling
  • landing those visitors on the absolute sweet-spot on your site that addresses their need immediately
  • good copy that reinforces your ability to fulfil their need or desire
  • obvious calls to action to motivate your visitor to buy, pick up the phone, sign up for a trial, or whatever it is you want them to do

…and we’re still only at the second pit stop!

The ‘conversion‘ isn’t the end of your race – you still need more to reach the chequered flag of success.

  1. Qualifying: Getting the right traffic.
  2. Stint one: Making sure your visitor lands in the right place and stays
  3. Stint two: Converting that visitor to a sale
  4. Stint three: Maximising your return on that customer
  5. Chequered flag: 10 points in the bag, the glory and a big bottle of champagne

To discover your winning strategy and avoid a Massa-style blow-up three laps from the end of your race, have us join your pit crew by clicking below.

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