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8 Reasons Why You Need Google Plus For SEO

Many marketing folks have started throwing Google Plus by the wayside as they create online marketing strategies which favour greener pastures at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Vine.

This is partly because Google Plus simply does not have as many ‘users’ as the other huge social platforms out there. There have also been well-documented concerns going back years about strength of click-through and visitor referrals from Google Plus. However, while Google Plus may not command an impressive piece of the social media community overall, it does include elements that provide companies measurable value, especially in increasing organic traffic.

“Google is making changes to its algorithms and how it ranks web pages with the goal of pushing people away from tactical SEO behaviour toward a more strategic approach,” says Scott Langdon, Partner at HigherVisibility.com.

What does he mean by that? By the very fact Google Plus exists, certain search scenarios exist that can help a business. Here are some of the best around, in fact here are 8 reasons why you need Google Plus for SEO:

1.) Personalised search

One way that Google Plus helps businesses with their organic ranking is through personalised search. This means that whenever someone logs onto their Google account, the target results will be more catered to them compared to if they weren’t logged in at all.

2.) Google Plus local

Google Plus Local helps users discover and share places whether that’s a company or a product/service. It’s beneficial to set up a Google Plus local profile page because it’s gets you added publically to the search engine results page. When someone types in the title of a specific company/service/product it can pull information from the Google+ local page and add it to the search results.

3.) Indexing

When content gets posted to Google Plus it can be found much more quickly than content posted to Twitter and Facebook because Google Plus actively has its own search bots checking through each post.

4.) Ranking your social media posts

As well as Google Plus having its own search bots checking through each post, the post are also indexed and ranked into Google’s own search pages which really helps to extend the value of your content.Learn Social Media with a Pro

5.) Viral content

Google Plus is well known for having a huge amount of engagement on its platform, so if you’re posting your stuff into the right places on Google Plus then it could end up going viral and seen by thousands.

6.) Google Plus hangouts

If it hasn’t already to come to your attention, online videos have become very valuable in terms of SEO. With the Google Plus Hangouts feature you can record and upload videos for free. It’s a great place for you and 9 other Google Plus users to come together. Whilst the videos themselves don’t show up in Google’s search results, you can move your video to YouTube which will get them ranked. Hangouts are great for businesses as they allow you to stay in contact with customers and clients.

7.) Keeping up with the SEO experts

The online world is constantly changing therefore so is the way people do SEO so it’s crucial that you keep up-to-date with all the latest news. Whilst Google Plus may not be as popular as other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook their online communities are the most active for SEO specialists.

8.) Rich Snippets

Through Google Plus’s own Authorship and Publish rich snippet markup they’re really impacting your search results.  By entering a code on your website and linking to a website on your Google+ page you can now incorporate Google Plus information into the search engines results page. This information could include things such as the author name, Google Plus follower count, and the profile photo associated with each post (it’s important that this profile photo is a clear face shot) Having these items connected with your Google Plus page gives you higher authorship and publisher rankings.

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