How To Create Great eCommerce Name Ideas

Having been around the block on naming bits of software and even companies over the years, the pain of choosing a name for anything is a challenge at best. There are some basic principles you might like to consider before embarking on your quest for great eCommerce name ideas. This could equally apply to your website, product […]

Bing Ads vs Google AdWords

You’re nailing your Google AdWords management , exploiting every scrap of relevant traffic you can and you’re looking for more search traffic to your site. Should you consider Bing Ads? This post explores the Bing Ads vs Google AdWords Ads question in a number of different areas from Search Marketing through to Display Targeted campaigns. Bing […]

Google AdWords Double Serving

This post explores the Google AdWords Double Serving Policy and double serving as a strategy. It shares my personal experience and fallout of double-serving with a client who shall remain nameless, but is known to Google. You’ll understand why as the story unfolds. Google AdWords Double-Serving Explained In an effort to make the Google AdWords auction fair […]