Google AdWords Training

Google AdWords Training

Learn how to run your AdWords campaign with the experts

We are a Google Premier Partner and our experienced PPC Specialists have been setting up and managing AdWords campaigns for more 10 years.

Google AdWords PartnerThrough our AdWords Training packages, we will share our wealth of knowledge in order for you to be able to run a successful account yourself. Tailored to meet your business’ needs, our training is suitable for people that are either trying to set up their own AdWords account, or are currently running one but would like to get more out of it.

Training can be delivered in a number of ways – while our traditional, one-day training courses are effective, most of our clients prefer our bespoke, one-to-one coaching sessions with an experienced AdWords Specialist. One-on-one coaching can take place face-to-face, over the phone and through convenient online PPC training, where you’ll work through your own account with your coach, implementing the AdWords sales system.

If you’ve already learned how to execute an effective Google AdWords campaign and you want to elevate your skills in generating leads and sales, then why not consider our Advanced AdWords Training?

 We would love to be part of your success

AdWords Training Fundamentals

Building Campaign Structure

It may seem obvious, but having a solid structure for your AdWords account is paramount to the success of your campaigns. We’ll take you through the ways to structure your AdWords account so you can control how you want your ads to be triggered.

Finding Cheaper Keywords

Sometimes you’ll find that the most desirable keywords for your AdWords campaign aren’t necessarily the most cost-effective. We’ll show you how you can identify keywords that have considerably less competition but remain relevant to your business.

Optimising Ad Copy

When paired with the correct ad extensions, compelling ad copy will help you to boost the performance of your campaign by up to 10%. We’ll show you our guidelines for writing keyword-rich copy that is engaging, informative and tailored to the right audience.

Lowering Cost Per Click

In an intensely competitive realm like AdWords, it’s important you’re doing everything you can to lower the cost per click for your keywords. We’ll take you through the foolproof methods for reducing cost per click without impacting on your Return on AdSpend (RoAS).

Boosting Click Through Rate

Boosting your CTR’s are an easy way to increase profits.  There are a number of ways to do this without significantly increasing your overall costs. We’ll show you the best practices to do this and how this translates into increased returns.

Increasing ROI

Although optimising your click through rate is important, monitoring how many clicks are converting shows the real effect that AdWords has on your business. We’ll introduce you to the essential tools to help track how many clicks are leading to completed sales and enquiries.

‘They clearly know what they’re talking about…’

We gained a huge amount of knowledge from the training sessions which we’re still implementing.

Oxford University Press

‘Our AdWords campaign has really taken off…’

I’ve set up some of my own ads using the system I was shown and they’re going very well too!

Booost Oxygen

Our AdWords Training promise

We’ve been developing and delivering effective Google PPC training courses for an array of amazing clients since 2007. Our AdWords trainers are all experts in their field and manage hundreds of AdWords campaigns for clients over the course of a year.

We’ll always work on your ‘live’ campaign where possible, so you are getting the benefit straight away from the knowledge you have gained and the training is relevant to your business.

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