Having a website is just the first step in putting your business online. But it can’t be any old website with any old content. Your website is an extension of your brand and as such should reflect its core values, be representative of the quality of your goods or service and ultimately convince browsers that you are the company for them. At Tillison Consulting we can provide you with an extensive User Experience Audit in order to establish just how affective your website is from a users point of view.

  • Your content
  • Its layout
  • Its Design
  • What you’ve included and what you’ve missed out. e.g. Calls to Action, Social Media Icons etc.
  • Your competitors websites – What are they doing well/poorly? What can we learn?

We will compose a report comprised of suggestions as to how to make improvements to you website. The resulting report can be given to your developers to implement any changes required. If the recommended changes are implemented you will, without question see an increase in lead generation. Not only will a user experience audit aid in your understanding of your websites strengths and weaknesses but it will also highlight to us areas for improvement in terms of SEO. We recommend this service to all our SEO clients. If you feel that this service would be of use to you and your business, call us today!